We’re 50…..!

It is with great pride we announce that having been established in 1972, 2022 sees George Nicolson (Decorators) Ltd celebrate their 50th year in business.

The company was created from very humble beginnings. When George Nicolson met Bill Paterson, they became friends who helped each other out when the other was busy. The paint store was a coal bunker and the first premises was a rented and shared lock up garage. This is where George Nicolson (Decorators) Ltd was born.

Over the past 50 years we have been very privileged to have had many fantastic people play their part in building what is a very well known and respected company. We are also very grateful to the many customers, suppliers and contractors who have supported us throughout the years.

We plan to mark this golden year by celebrating our achievements as well as reflect on many of the amazing people who are and were part of it.

A year to be positive and proud.


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