Commercial Painting

Tropen Parc, Tossens, Germany

Throughout the years, we have focused on the commercial painting sector through the banks, public houses, hotels and offices.

We pride ourselves on the close working relationships we have built up directly with clients, contractors, designers, architects and surveyors alike. These relationships have involved us working mainly within central belt Scotland. However, over the years we have undertaken projects throughout the UK and Europe as well as in Turkey, South Africa and Israel.

Over the past 15 years, we have extended out into main/principal contracting covering several markets such as hotels, restaurant, public houses and offices. Here we strive to deliver the whole package to meet each clients standards, budgets, programmes and high expectations. With the wealth of experience we have, along with an established and reliable chain of suppliers and sub-contractors, this area of the business has continued to consistently develop. Our skilled site management and tradespeople are extremely competent so our clients can always rest assured that their principal contract will run in a professional and timeous manner.

As a result of the foregoing, we proudly continue to maintain and enhance our existing reputation throughout the industry.

Simply click on any image to view works undertaken by us on various commercial projects at home, as well as overseas.