Scottish First Aid Awards 2016

As well has investing in an AED for our premises and supplying Emergency Life Support Training to all in-house members of staff, GN have provided potentially life-saving first aid training to almost a third of our workforce.  At the St Andrew’s Scottish First Aid Awards 2016 held in November, we were delighted to receive the the following Award in recognition of the company’s continued focus and commitment to first aid:

George Nicolson Decorators

George Nicolson Decorators consider first aid to be an essential part of their training programme and ensure staff always have current first aid certification in place. The company has invested in an AED and have a sign outside their building to advise members of the public that they have a defibrillator on their premises. George Nicolson also supports Lucky2bhere, a charity who place defibrillators and deliver emergency life support training to communities throughout Scotland.

First aid is so very important and relevant to everyone. You may wish that you never need to use it but first aid knowledge could save the life of a family member, colleague, friend or indeed a stranger. Arrange your training today by contacting Scotland’s leading first aid charity, St Andrew’s First Aid: