Ongoing & Forthcoming Apprenticeships

Co-ordinated by Skills Development Scotland (SDS), the Scottish Apprenticeship Week campaign aims to encourage more employers to take on apprentices and to recognise the vital skills generated, as well as the value of work-based learning that apprenticeships bring to employers across the country.

For 2024, the Scottish Apprenticeship Week will celebrate amazing apprentices, past and present, who belong to the Skills Generation.

Our apprentices continue to work hard and have a positive attitude both at college and on site. The ongoing encouragement, development and nurturing of the young talent we employ will ensure they are kept engaged, work up to their true potential and learn important life skills.

Looking forward, the company will continue to strongly focus on the importance of the development of young people. Through passing on skills to apprentices to create a new generation of skilled workers, we can ensure a continued increase of the skill level within our company and indeed the Painting and Decorating industry as a whole.

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