Investors In Young People Silver Award

The company have continued to develop young people for over 40 years, so much so it is a key element of our culture. We are proud to have an excellent apprenticeship scheme in place. Furthermore, we enroll apprentices into the Advanced Craft in Year 3, which is not compulsory. The company also have an annual Apprentice of the Year Award which is voted by site management and employees.

In 2016, we were very pleased to achieve Investors In Young People (IIYP) accreditation.  The IIYP Award is a framework of good practice that seeks to recognise and reward employers who have a track record in recruiting and retaining young people. The process also allows employers to benefit from feedback on how they can improve their strategies for managing, developing and supporting the Young People within their organisation.

Re:markable’s services range from tailored consultancy to Investors In People (IIP) and IIYP good practice framework. They have provided us with essential guidance throughout the accreditation process and would recommend them to anyone looking to achieve IIYP accreditation. Visit their website:

Furthermore, following our recent third annual IIYP assessment with Kate Carmichael of Re:markable, we are delighted to have now received Investors In Young People Silver Award, in recognition of the company’s ongoing commitment to Young People.

Young people are a vital part of our dynamic workforce as they are ambitious, motivated and eager to learn from our experienced tradespeople. The ongoing encouragement, development and nurturing of the young talent we employ will ensure they are kept engaged, work up to their true potential and learn important life skills.

Looking forward, the company will continue to strongly focus on the importance of recruitment, development and retention of young people and thus ensuring a continued increase of the skill level within our company and indeed the Painting and Decorating industry as a whole.