Freddie Blues & Tam Blyth

Freddie was George Nicolson’s first ever apprentice. In those days the business operated from George’s one bedroom flat in Leith and Freddie’s first job every day was to walk the family dog Pepe. That is completely true!

After finishing his apprenticeship Freddie continued his employment with George. We think he may have left briefly but on his return he never worked anywhere else. Freddie ultimately made it to Site Foreman (now known as a Site Manager). His hard work and sheer determination to get the job done was something that everyone respected. Colleagues, fellow contractors, clients, designers – everyone enjoyed working with him.

Freddie Blues - 3As a person he was a great guy, everybody loved Freddie. He would give you the last penny he had. He was such a kind person who put everyone before himself. If there was a party he would be there and without any doubt he would be on the dance floor at some point with the shirt off.

Sadly Freddie passed away in 2011 at the age of 54, only 6 months after George Nicolson. I guess you could say George looked upon Freddie as another son or maybe a younger brother. George was there throughout Freddie’s life and always lent support through some of the tough times.

Such was the impact Freddie had on everyone within George Nicolson’s it was proposed later in 2011 to rename the ‘Apprentice of the year Award’ to be known as the ‘Freddie Blues Apprentice of the Year Award’ which was so very fitting. To all those apprentices who are now with us, if you can aspire to be as good a person and as good a tradesperson as Freddie, you have a great life and career ahead of you.

Tam BlythFreddie made many friends throughout his time with us, none more than Tam Blyth. He and Tam were two peas in a pod, best pals at work and best pals out of work. Tam and Freddie enjoyed many a good time out in the company of others, laughing and joking and being happy.

Tam also sadly passed in 2020 and he too is a great miss to everyone. A tough but fair person who had the very same work mentality as Freddie to get the job done. Tam joined us having began his career elsewhere.  His attitude to work and no nonsense approach worked well with most. If you worked hard you were fine, if you didn’t then you were told. Tam also became a Site Foreman with us, and like Freddie, he enjoyed helping apprentices find their way in the trade and was respected by everyone who worked with him.

Two great people and great friends sadly missed.