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Residential Case Study 15 - After 6

Case Study

Residential Case Study 15

George Nicolson were pleased to be instructed by our client to undertake the decoration works to all elevations of this impressive large residential property.

The Tudor wood panelling, fascia boards and soffits were prepared thoroughly by scraping off any loose and flaking paint, priming bare areas, filling as required using a two pack wood filler, sanding and then coating with Valtti Colour Extra.

External walls had any loose and flaking paint scraped off, surfaces filled as required using an exterior masonry filler, were sanded, touched up and finished with Sandtex High Cover Smooth to match the existing colour. The unpainted render areas were brushed down and coated with stabilising solution and primer prior to being coated with the aforesaid masonry paint.

The rhones and pipes were also prepared thoroughly through wirebrushing any rust, spot priming and then applying finishing coats of Valtti Unica Semi-Gloss Enamel to match the existing surfaces.  The hinges on the garage doors were picked out in black.

As per the client’s specifications, the windows were prepared thoroughly, with any loose flaking paint and perished putty being scraped off,  bare areas primed, filled and re-puttied as required. Windows were then touched up and coated with Dulux Weathershield undercoat followed by Dulux Weathershield gloss paint.

The north facing roof panels of the conservatory had flaking paint and perished sealant removed. The bare areas were primed, filled, resealed, sanded, touched up and decorated with Dulux Weathershield undercoat and gloss.

Our skilled operatives were required to work off two different types of mobile elevated platforms to safely reach the areas above the conservatory and canopy aswell as the high level Tudor panelling around the property.




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