Fettes College, Edinburgh

We are delighted to have been chosen to assist with the renovation of the classrooms and bedrooms of this stunning 19th century building.

The project was delivered by our Contracts Manager and Site Manager along with a further 10 members of staff including tradespeople and apprentices alike. Period features and intricate cornices required the expert attention of our decorators whilst working off mobile towers. Materials were applied by way of spraying, rolling and brushing with gold finishes being applied to metalwork and the woodwork enhanced with stain. With the high standard of finishes expected, the apprentices gained a wealth of experience from being involved within this project.

Works were completed in two phases over a four week period during the end of term to minimise any possible class disruption.

In recognition of our highly skilled workforce and management team, we were nominated as Finalist: Johnstone’s Paints Painter of the Year Award 2016: Health & Education.